The Alberta Sport Development Center-South West (ASDC SW) provides improved sport experiences for regional athletes, coaches,parents,officials, and support administration. The fundemental idea is that by designing sport science initiatives and coach development programs, the common good of all regional sport will be better served and result in improved emerging athlete development in Southwest Alberta.

Our mission is to provide integrated programming aimed at identifying,supporting, and developing emerging athletes at all levels throughout Alerta's southwest region.

Our vision is to create a fully integrated sport environment that advances the success of our regional athletes at both the provincial and national level.

Athlete Development Programs

Recognized Network programs include the Athlete Enhancement Program and Winning Edge Seminars.

News and events

2016/17 AEP Fall Intake

Jul 13, 2016

The Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP) is the athlete support program of the ASDC Network aimed to provide high-quality sports science support to emerging high performance athletes in their regions. The program develops the foundational building blocks for future performances. AEP provides emerging athletes an opportunity to receive sport science support in;

  • Nutrition

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Sport Psychology

  • Injury Prevention 

Individuals who have the following experiences qualify for AEP;

  • Alberta Winter Games or Alberta Summer Games

  • Western Canada Summer Games

  • Canada Winter Games or Canada Summer Games

  • Member of Team Alberta, Team Canada, or Jr. Team Canada

  • Member of a Developmental Team Alberta

  • Athletes in the “Training to Train” or “Training to Compete” levels of the Long Term Athlete Development Model with the above experience

  • “Train to Win” level athletes may also be considered, preference given to younger athletes 

Athletes who meet the above criteria will be required to attend an intake selection testing October 3rd and 4th, 2016. Deadline for applications is September 30th, 2016.

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High School Athletics Prep

Jul 25, 2016

ASDC SW and Lethbridge College are offering local high school athletes a chance to get a head start on future competitors by signing up for a two-week athlete boot camp. This camp is designed to prepare athletes for the rigors of the school season sports season as well as introduce you to basic sport science concepts.

For two weeks athletes will learn functional movements for their sport and build up the strength and cardio needed to take them one step closer to making the team! Training includes a combination of plyometric, body weight, and functional weight training exercises.

Three half-hour sport science sessions will cover topics, such as

  • sport psychology

  • nutrition

  • injury prevention

Registration deadline is August 10th. Follow the link below for more details and to register.

High School Athletics Information

Come with a positive attitude and expect to work hard!

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