Athlete Enhancement Program

Since 2009, ASDC SW has provided strength and conditioning training with sports science seminars to approximately 200 selected athletes from Lethbridge and local communities. This government funded program is geared towards the development of elite athletes without athletes leaving home to get the elite training and resources needed to succeed. We wish to reach as many communities in the Southwest region as possible to develop elite athletes.

The Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP) has been designed for athletes already competing at a high level and looking to improve their performance. This program provides successful applicants with FREE High Performance strength and conditioning training, along with sports science sessions, focusing on; mental conditioning, nutrition, injury prevention, media awareness and more.

Participants of the program are selected by a committee. Only those who apply will have the opportunity to participate.

AEP training runs twice a week over a 16-week period. Athletes will have the choice to choose between Fall/Winter (October 30, 2017 to March 2, 2018) or Spring/Summer (March 5 to June 22, 2018) sessions.

Scheduled Training Times (choose two)

Monday - 5 to 6 pm

Tuesday - 6 to 7 pm

Wednesday - 5 to 6 pm

Thursday - 6 to 7 pm

Friday - 2 to 3 pm