Athlete Services

ASCD SW offers a full menu of sport sciences services. Athletes gain a better understanding of the mental side of competition, importance of vision in sports, injury prevention, concussion awareness, proper nutrition to fuel the body and proper body movement mechanics.

NCCP Coaching Workshops

NCCP workshops are designed for all types of coaches. Whether you’re thinking about coaching your child’s community team or you’re already the head coach of a national team, the NCCP has workshops to meet your needs.

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Strength and Conditioning Training

Strength and conditioning is an often overlooked or under developed aspect of an athletes training program. ASDC SW understands the importance of proper strength and conditioning training on preventing injuries and improving athletes performance.    

Concussion Awareness and Testing

New technology and extensive research have opened the complex world of head injuries. ASDSC SW works with local professionals to educate athletes and parents on concussions symptoms and the recovery process.

Mental Training

Mental Training educates and provides various psychological skills and strategies for improving training, practice, competition, and even daily life.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is a major part of an athlete's life and is important in optimizing performance.

Sports Vision

If an athlete doesn't have good dynamic visual skills like depth perception, peripheral awareness, and an ability to track moving objects the chances are,they are not playing to their full ability.

Performance Profiling

Determining an athlete's performance profile is essential to building, monitoring, and evaluating training programs at all levels of sport.

Media Training

ASDC SW media training provides athletes with social media and traditional media communication skills.