AEP 2019/2020 Launches

Aug 27th, 2019

Lethbridge, Alta. - Alberta Sport Development Centre Southwest (ASDC SW) is excited to launch the Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP) for 2019/2020.

Last year, AEP launched a revamped program that provided access to more athletes, regardless of skill. A total of 72 athletes registered for AEP Base and AEP Selects and received 10-weeks of strength and conditioning training at the University of Lethbridge High Performance Centre, home of Pronghorns Athletics. Athletes also participated in Winning Edge sessions on sleep, concussion awareness, mental performance and more.

The 2019/20 AEP has six programs designed to focus on developing an athletes performance. Individual training continues with AEP Base, AEP Selects, the new AEP Volt program and AEP Plus. AEP Base is the entry-level program for athletes to lay the foundation for strength and conditioning training. Cost for AEP Base starts at $175 for 10-weeks of training and Winning Edge sport science sessions. AEP Selects is our free strength and conditioning program for athletes who have completed AEP Base and meet specific requirements. The newest program is AEP Volt, which has been designed for athletes to train on their own using the Volt app. AEP Volt is for athletes wanting a high-performance training program but not able to travel to Lethbridge. Lastly, AEP Plus is our summer program for athletes wanting to maintain their level of fitness and prepare for their upcoming seasons.

Last year AEP expanded to include team training with AEP Team and a coaches networking and information program, AEP Coach. AEP Team program provides support to organizations, schools, and groups looking to improve performance through strength and conditioning and sport sciences. The program can be designed to support specific sports and age groups to meet the needs of the athletes. AEP Coach provides support to new and experienced coaches looking for a unique way to increase knowledge, skills, and connections to help develop and enhance their athletes. AEP COACH provides informal peer mentorship, promote discussion, and connect coaches in the region.

Registration is now open for all AEP programs. For more information, or to register, click the AEP tab in the menu bar above.

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