Goalie Prep Program Unique to Southwest Alberta

May 3rd, 2017

Lethbridge - Top hockey goalies understand the need to develop their ability to react quickly in a chaotic environment while maintaining their composure. Alberta Sport Development Centre Southwest is excited to launch a new off-season training program for hockey goalies that focuses on vision and mental training.

ASDC SW Goalie Prep program utilizes the latest vision training technology, the Dynavision D2 baord, and NeuroTracker vision software. Did you know that ASDC SW has one of three Dynavision D2 boards in Alberta and the only board south of Calgary? The Dynavision board is used by New York Rangers, Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canucks and other professional sports teams to improve reaction time.

Mental training sessions will be led by ASDC SW Centre Coordinator Joshua Hoetmer (M.A. Counselling Psychology, Canadian Sport Psychology Association). 

The ASDC SW Goalie Prep program is the only one of kind in Southern Alberta. The program is limited to eight athletes, accepted on a first come first serve basis.

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