AEP COACH is aiming to provide informal peer mentorship, promote discussion, and target what coaches are interested in learning about in an affordable and accessible way. Winning Edge Seminars will be coordinated throughout the year to address and answer questions or support the interest from the group. This is truly a unique program and the only one of its kind in Alberta.

  • Promote discussion and education through four coach breakfasts 
  • Four Winning Edge seminars provided by ASDC SW Athlete Enhancement Team and guest speakers
  • ASDC SW will coordinate Winning Edge seminars to provide answers and insight into what coaches want to hear about through conversations that occur at the breakfasts
  • $150 for all four breakfasts and four Winning Edge Seminars
  • $50 for one breakfast and one Winning Edge Seminar

AEP Coach Breakfasts and Winning Edge Seminars are from 7:00 to 8:00 AM - Lethbridge Sport Council Community Room at Nichoals Sheran Arena   
  • Thursday - November 22 (Breakfast)
  • Thursday - December 13 (Winning Edge Seminar)
  • Thursday - January 24 (Breakfast)
  • Thursday - February 28 (Winning Edge Seminar)
  • Thursday - March 28 (Breakfast)
  • Thursday - April 25 (Winning Edge Seminar)
  • Thursday - May 23 (Breakfast)
  • Thursday - June 20 (Winning Edge Seminar)
Breakfast catered by Stoketown Cafe and includes eggs, bacon and potato hash with coffee/juice and water.

Winning Edge Seminars will have beverages and pastries.

AEP COACH - $150.00

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AEP COACH - Single - $50.00

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