The PLUS program is geared for athletes who are interested in training over the summer months to continue strength and conditioning support and advancing their physical development from the work completed in the BASE/SELECTS program. AEP PLUS program overview:
  • No selection process
  • Athletes can be new to the AEP and aren’t required to have participated in BASE/SELECTS
  • Athletes from BASE/SELECTS train together
NEW FOR 2019-2020: Individuals who are selected to represent Zone 1 for the upcoming Alberta Summer Games in Lethbridge will be able to join AEP Plus for free. Depending on the sports selection process, athlete’s can join any time during the AEP PLUS program leading up to the Alberta Summer Games

Athletes will be required to have access to TeamSnap to schedule training dates. TeamSnap can be access through your desktop computer by clicking here, or you can download the app on a mobile device. There is no additional cost for TeamSnap.

Athletes can register at any time up to August 30, 2020. Contact ASDC SW at for more information.

Date - June 8 to August 25
When - Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday
Time - 6:00 to 7:00 pm (Subject to Change)
Location - HP Centre at the University of Lethbridge
  $375.00 - 12 Weeks  
$343.75 - 11 Weeks
$312.50 - 10 Weeks
$281.25 -   9 Weeks
$250.00 -   8 Weeks
 $218.75 -   7 Weeks 
 $187.50 -   6 Weeks 
 $156.25 -   5 Weeks 
$125.00 -   4 Weeks