Volt @ Home

ASDC SW is utilizing the Volt @ Home app to allow athletes to train at home with an 8-week training program created by the coaches at the University of Lethbridge High Performance Centre. Athletes will receive a survey that HP Centre coaches will use to customize a training program based on their sport, previous training experience, goals, the type of equipment you have at home and more.

The Volt app guides the athlete through the workout with video examples of each exercise and coaches can view results to provide feedback and coaching during the 8-weeks.

Cost - $50 / 8-week session

Athletes can register at any time and register as many times as they want.

included with registration is access to the Gatorade Sports Science Institute resources. Check their website out here

The athlete profile and information survey will be sent within 24 hours of receiving payment, with the survey reviewed and a training program created by the HP staff within 2-3 business days. An email with login information for the app will be sent to the email provided in the survey.  

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Volt @ Home - $50.00

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