AEP Awards

ASDC SW recognizes a current and alumni AEP athlete who have shown commiment and dedication through training and success in their sport. 

LTAD Training

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) program follows the Canadian Sport for Life athlete development stages. ASDC SW and UofL High Performance Training Centre are offering athlete development programs designed with the LTAD Training to Train (ages 12 to 15) and Training to Compete (ages 16 to 19) stages in mind.

Jr Basketball Prep Program

The Jr. Basketball Prep program is a partnership between the UofL Pronghonrs Men's Basketball and ASDC SW for male players in grades 6 to 9.

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The AEP COACH program provides support to new and experienced coaches looking for a unique way to increase knowledge, skills, and connections to help develop and enhance athletes they work with.

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The AEP TEAM program provides support to organizations, schools, and groups looking to improve performance and enjoyment of sport through strength and conditioning and sport science sessions across a variety of disciplines such as sport psychology, nutrition, injury prevention and more.

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The AEP RURAL program provides strength and conditioning support to athletes who are unable to travel to Lethbridge.


The AEP SELECTS is the next step in high performance development for athletes who have completed the BASE program. The SELECTS program continues to build on the strength and conditioning training from the BASE program and sport science concepts.

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The AEP BASE is the first step in development for any athlete age 12 and up and in any sport. The BASE
program provides foundational strength and conditioning support and introduce athletes to sport science concepts across a variety of disciplines.

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The AEP PLUS program is geared for athletes interested in training over the summer months to continue strength and conditioning support and advancing their physical development.

Ed Schwab - Dietitian

Diet is an often forgot about aspect in an athletes development. The ASDC SW is excited to have Ed Schwab provide AEP athletes with diet and nutrition information for high-performance athletes. Ed is a member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta,the Dietitians of Canada, and belongs to the DC Sports Nutrition Network.

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