Courtney Marchesin, MA

Courtney Marchesin completed her Master's degree at the University of Lethbridge in 2011, specializing in Sport Psychology.  While finishing her undergraduate degree at the U of L, Courtney become involved in the field research conducted within the Emotion and Sport Performance Laboratory, which is where she completed her master's thesis research as well. 

Courtney has worked as a private consultant, as well as with the ASDC SE in Medicine Hat since 2011, hosting regular “PSYCHED!” with Courtney group sessions, individual mental training one on ones, as well as with middle school, high school, and collegiate levels teams and clubs.  With over 25 years of personal sport experience, Courtney understands the nature of athletic environments.  Understanding these situations and working with athletes to reach the full performance potential within them is one of the many reasons she is looking forward to working with the emerging athletes within the ASDC SW.