Performance Profiling

ASDC SW and the University of Lethbridge work together to provide this key service for athletes in our region. The benefit of performance profiling is that it establishies the strengths of an athlete and show areas that need improving. This is done by comparing pre and post tests or to results from similar athletes of age, size, and sport. Previous test results of large groups are published into normative tables for comparison and assessment.

ASDC SW is the primary stakeholder of a performance profiling database, which is the only operating grassroots fitness database in Canada. This allows the ASDC network to compare and analyze athletes from other regions and sports. Determining an athlete’s performance profile is essential to building, monitoring, and evaluating training programs at all levels of sport.

The components of a profile include:

  • Musculoskeletal Fitness
    • Muscular strength
    • Power and endurance
    • Flexibility
  • Anaerobic Fitness and Agility
  • VO2 max Assessment
    • Ability to generate power and high intensity activity
    • Ability to move and change direction quickly while under control
  • Aerobic Fitness
    • Endurance of an athlete's heart, lungs, and muscles
    • Ability to balance and maintain a stable body position stationary or in motion

For more information about this service and fees, call the ASDC SW at (403) 320-5271 or email