Sports Vision

Athletes looking at taking their performances to the next level need to improve technical skills, strength and conditioning, nutrition and their mental game. A combination of those components are recognized as being vital in an athlete’s success. Sports vision training is a component that is overlooked. ASDC SW uses two of the most exciting sports vision training tools available; the Dynavision D2 and NeuroTracker cognitive training software.

Sports like hockey, baseball, basketball, rugby, football, and soccer have constant motion between teammates, the opposing team, and a rapidly moving object like a puck or ball. If an athlete doesn’t have good dynamic visual skills like depth perception, peripheral awareness, and an ability to track and react to moving objects, chances are they're not playing to their full ability.

The following is a small list of organizations that use the Dynavision D2:

  • Gatorade Sport Institute
  • IMG Academy
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • New York Rangers
  • Ottawa Senators
  • United States Military
  • Canada’s Special Operations Forces’ Joint Task Force 2
  • NCAA Division 1 schools

Elite teams and groups that use NeuroTracker include:

  • Manchester United
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • US Soccer
  • Montreal Impact
  • Vancouver Canucks

Combining Dynavision D2 and NeuroTracker sports vision training improves an athlete's time to react in stressful and fast-paced situations. An athlete's ability to make quick decisions can also reduce the instances of concussions. 

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